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Old-Fashioned Barn Raising

Anonymous Ole Prepper


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The only way, any of us can survive, after the SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan), is to have a close-knit circle of like-minded people, who all work together.
I would like to share an experience with you, which changed my whole way of looking at preparing for long-term survival.
Some people know about the old-fashioned barn raisings, but for many, it is an unknown adventure.
Dad took part in a couple, when he was young. That was back during the depression of the last century.  I remember him telling me about them. I was twenty, at the time. It saddened him, a little, at the time of him telling me this, because people just didn't pull together, as a community any more, unless there was a disaster that affected the whole community.
He said people used to be a lot closer. He missed those days. Then WWII came along, and changed everything. After the war, most people had a little more money, and then it was every man for himself.
One time, back in the early '70's', Dad jumped at the chance to help a fellow farmer out. The farmer had hurt himself, and couldn't harvest his crops that year.
Dad told me all about it, after my toddler daughter and I got back from the West Indies, where we had been living for the last year. The West Indies was a great experience, but I would have loved to have been here, to help out with the crops!
Twenty-seven local farmers showed up, with all the tractors, combines, and trucks needed, to get the grain from field to elevator.  The women brought all the food needed, and everyone ate 24/7 buffet-style. It was a grab, eat, and run style buffet, but there was food and drink a plenty!
There were a couple of farmers there, Dad didn't get along with very well. He called one a, "Dad-burn, awnry cuss!". Dad also said they were there, though, helping out, just the same. He didn't say any more about them, but I think he respected them, a little more after that.
Some of the farmers, that helped out the injured farmer, got a little behind on their own harvesting. So, once the injured farmer's crops were in the elevator, they started helping each other out, until everyone's crops were in the elevator that year!
Dad's crops were already in the elevator, before all this happened, so he went from farm to farm, until it was all done. I don't think I ever saw Dad happier, than when he was telling this story! (With the exception of when he saw my older daughter, for the first time :)
Dad never got to see another time, where everyone worked together, to help out, so all could prosper. I know he would have always jumped at the chance though! That was Dad!
I am now, one of the older generation. I feel privileged that Dad shared his stories with me. I feel I learned valuable lessons, through his experience! It makes me long for a time when people treated others, the way they did, back in Dad's day. Will that ever happen again?
I think it will. In fact, it has already begun. People, who have been termed as Preppers, are forming small groups, all over this country. They are acquiring small tracts of land, and making it self-sustaining for all that live there.
These people are returning to the 'barn raising' custom. If a house needs built, all are showing up, to get it built quickly. It is the same for bunkers, barns, and whatever other buildings need erected.
The more people that can be on a SHTF property, at any given time, the faster things can get done. Several projects can be going on, at any given time, if there are enough people there. It can be like the old-fashioned barn raising days! What a wonderful way to live!
There are great concerns, during this time, when the world is falling apart around us. We know the SHTF will happen in our lifetime.
It is only by bringing back some of the old-fashioned ways of dealing with each other, how we relate to each other, and how we work with each other, that we will survive!

Hope this helps!


Anonymous Ole Prepper

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