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Diseased Refugees Obtaining Social Security Number and Passport Upon Arrival

23 March, 2017

Philosophical Drivers of Our Society - False Change Versus Real Change

9 August, 2016
We note today an article by Hodges [1] on hazards posed by new phone internet transmission rates, and immediately find relevant the law enforcement TETRA health issues with transceivers worn over the shoulders, and the severe cancer and heart rhythm issues observed at the base stations (Barry Trower - [2], [3], [4]).  For higher wireless telecommunication transmission rates being prepared (4G at 100 Mhz to 5G at 10GHz - a factor of 100), power must increase, or else proximity of the antennas - all according to the common factor of electromagnetic power density, that must also go up by about a factor of 100.  Of course, the radiation from the "smart meter" devices installed on many homes is already an established concern with specific complaints similar to those for the TETRA system, answered only with a refractory chain of deferment to higher authorities on the matter.  Such technical particularities serve to highlight general implications for humanity that consistently refer to unnervingly remote and nebulous sources of policy [12], and deeper questions regarding the fundamental course of humankind. 
Steve O'Neal

The Crucial Nature of Brexodus

21 June, 2016
Note these penetrating articles by Martin Armstrong this morning [1], [2], [3].  Most people either don't know about the Brexit vote or don't trouble themselves over it, but in reality, it is the lynchpin for the world's future.  Being Britain, as the keystone to the EU economic matrix, the EU will quickly unravel if she leaves.  This would be the greatest reversal of decades of world power centralization, and perhaps since the American Revolution.  Unfortunately, it is very unlikely to materialize, by virtue of its very importance to the staff of human freedom that is antithetical to the New World Order.  Given the assumption that the Brexit vote will be railroaded, we shall then see a return to business as usual for a time, and many people will not realize what that little bump in the night was - the consummation of a great sinking ship.  America is already lost, and the debate is, in its own corner of reality, simply whether it can be resuscitated or not.  The Trump election is its own equivalent to Brexit, and even in the event of his election, there is the matter of his success and even survival.  Such matters of dashed hopes are not new to the Europeans, and of course, we have Lincoln and Kennedy. 
Steve O'Neal

Bulletin on Metals

24 May, 2016
Note today's conversation on gold (Armstrong) [1].   There is useful information.  A close today below 1240 will indicate that it may be wise to sell gold into cash for the next several years, and if it breaks 1200 (below 1206), then  it is a strong sell signal, unless you want to ride the below 1000 to the early twenties and the rise on the other side.  An interesting palladium article in Kitco [3] yesterday pointed out that palladium is the extreme example of industrially driven demand, and gold is the opposite, at about ten percent industrial demand.  With economies in decline on a general scale, the two metals should diverge, with palladium falling much  faster than gold.  The implication  is for silver, a more intermediate ratio of industrial to non-industrial demand, that we can therefore expect to weaken moderately against gold for the same period of economic contraction.

Editor's Note:

At 13:00 EDT (New York), 24 May, 2016, Spot Gold Price (both NYMEX and GLOBEX) is reported at $1228.60/ozt.  Current Price is available here:
Steve O'Neal

Bulletin of Analysis - Economics

23 May, 2016
This Armstrong article [1] is revealing, explaining in particular the paradox of QE (debasement of currency) and simultaneous ironic result of deflation - due to the overcompensating sociological reflex of hoarding, as Armstrong points out from historical data.  To some extent, this explains the push for people to go into debt [2] to counteract the hoarding tendency that the controlling global agencies, can we assume, fully expected, and have been trying to damp.  On more than one occasion in the last few days, Armstrong has mentioned the refuge of tangible assets at some point in  this process, notably gold.  The thing to remember is that Armstrong's models (in particular the ECM, Economic Confidence Model, that notably demonstrates that gold is not a hedge against inflation), which I increasingly respect within their range of validity, also indicate uncertainty and corresponding volatility in the period 2017-2023.  To some extent, this is blemished by the revolt headed by Donald Trump and notable in a symmetric effect on the left side of the aisle by Bernie Sanders in lieu of the programmed soapbox Hillary Clinton.  If either Trump or Clinton becomes elected, the socioeconomic train is at serious risk of derailing into severe instability, either by sabotage of Trump by the global agencies who do not yet have control of him, or by a possibly substantial degree of consummation of popular resistance to Hillary and the Agenda 21 paradigm...
Steve O'Neal

The Right to Defend Freedom

13 May, 2016

At this Point... Does it Really Matter?

13 February, 2016
Well, it’s that time of year again with the 2016 presidential election coming in November. Only a small portion of us are busy studying the candidates, listening to their TV ads as they bomb the air waves and turning to political pundits trying to learn more about the candidates. Sadly, the rest of the population is generally clueless as they are just happy watching their football games, eating their chips and drinking beer. To them, life is good and they could care less who is running or even what any of the candidates stand for. But are they wrong? Whether you are a democrat, republican or even an independent, the constant barrage of political messages will infiltrate our homes in the coming months, each trying to tell us that their candidate is the one that we can all depend upon to “deliver us into the promise land." Candidates have promised to make our military the strongest in the world, strengthen social security, and provide free college educations for everyone. Additionally, visions of free health care, bringing back jobs from overseas, and helping the so called "poor" with more entitlement programs, are just some of the items on each politician's proposed list of "goodies." We are all led to believe that this is going to be done, of course, while still cutting our taxes…..all we have to do is tax the rich...
Steve Whitman

Daniel Greenfield Moment - Islam's American Identity Crisis.

17 January, 2016

Daniel Greenfield Moment - Migration is the Greatest Threat to National Security

17 January, 2016

2013: The religion of peace followers bomb the innocent in Boston (Old but Relevant)

23 December, 2015


ERROR 451: The HTTP Code Unavailable For Legal
Reasons; Read Censorship (effective 18 December, 2015)

22 December, 2015

From Wikipedia ( )

In computer networking, HTTP 451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons is an error status code of the HTTP protocol to be displayed when the user requests an illegal resource, such as a web page censored by a government, with the number 451 being a reference to the 1953 dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451, where books are outlawed. 451 could be described as a more descriptive variant of 403 Forbidden.
Examples of situations where an HTTP 451 error code could be displayed include web pages deemed a danger to national security, or web pages deemed to violate copyright, privacy, blasphemy laws, or any other law or court order.
However, some sites may be forced to produce HTTP 404 (File Not Found) or similar, if they are not legally permitted to disclose that the resource has been removed. Such a tactic is used in the United Kingdom (see also: Gag order, super-injunction) by some ISPs utilizing the Internet Watch Foundation blacklist, returning a 404 message or another error message instead of showing a message indicating the site is blocked.
The status code was formally proposed in 2013 by Tim Bray, based on an informal proposal in a blog post by Terence Eden .  It was approved by the IESG on December 18, 2015.

Our new 451 page is here:  if you are of curious nature...


17 December, 2015

Bugging In – Securing your home Part 1

15 December, 2015

If you are like most preppers, you are planning on bugging out. A small percentage of the community is already in place and living the lifestyle that they will live once the fan turns brown. However, if you are like the rest of us, you are planning on moving to a more remote location once events start pointing towards the fact that its time to bust a move. This leaves the folks who are “Just prepared enough for a storm or small scale cataclysm.” These are the folks who are at least smart enough to listen to FEMA and have a months’ worth of food and water stored; they may even have some barter type items and a firearm or two. This group probably represents a much larger group of people than what we would consider “preppers”. These “pseudo-preppers” have no plan to bug out. They wouldn’t really know where to go even if they did leave their home, never mind what to do when they got there. This is not their fault really. They are just sheeple like the rest of us. They are smarter than the average sheep, but not as smart as the ones of the head of the flock. These people won’t have the option of bugging out for many reasons, but chiefly because by the time they realize help isn’t coming, things will have gotten so bad out in the world that travelling as an inexperienced family or group would be almost certain suicide.
Michael Pereira

Using A Laptop Computer As A Preparedness Tool

22 November, 2015

Today’s world is a connected world heavily dependent upon high speed networks. What if that network went down? Or what if you were forced to temporarily evacuate due to severe weather events or other incidents beyond your control?
We tend to believe our computers are worthless without that high speed network however they are still very capable Over The Air (OTA) devices with some relatively inexpensive hardware additions.Also mobility is of principal concern. You can take the laptop and associated hardware with you, perhaps to high ground to pull in essential TV or radio transmissions and you can operate in austere locations on battery power.

John E. Hagensieker

Harry Discovers the "Real America"

7 November, 2015

Harry Trent is a typical hardworking American who is in the insurance business. He often finds himself traveling a lot to seek out new clients and to acquire hot leads for potential customers. He has a family of two children along with his wife of twenty years that he provides for. The family lives in a typical suburban home in southern Massachusetts that he purchased for about $300,000 eight years ago. Earning $75,000 per year, he tries to make ends meet the best he can without his wife working. Sadly, the facts and figures shown in the following story are reasonably accurate and have been experienced by the author.

Harry, do you have to go into the office today?” his wife asks while preparing him and the children breakfast. Harry lights up a cigarette and replies, “Yes, I do Hon….looks like I might be able to land that new account at the Acme factory…..I have a very important meeting scheduled with them today to go over the particulars….landing that account should bring me a huge bonus at the end of the year.” Rose responds, “well, speaking of money...

Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake in RT interview

6 November, 2015

How the Syrian conflict could get even bigger and bloodier

5 November, 2015

President Obama says he doesn’t want to turn the Syria conflict into a proxy war. Unfortunately, that’s already happening, as combatants join the battle against the Islamic State with radically differing agendas that could collide.
Let’s look at the confusing order of battle: The United States has decided that its strongest partner against the Islamic State is a Syrian Kurdish force known as the YPG. But Turkey, nominally our NATO ally, says the YPG has links with what it claims is a Kurdish terrorist group. How’s that going to work out? No answers yet...

Opinion writer

US Still Doesn’t Know Who’s In Charge of What If Massive Cyber Attack Strikes Nation

4 November, 2015
The threat of a massive cyber attack on civilian infrastructure, leading to loss of life and perhaps billions in damages, has kept lawmakers on edge since before former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned of it back in 2012 (or the fourth Die Hard movie in 2007). Many experts believe that a sneak attack would be highly unlikely. The Department of Homeland Security has the lead in responding to most cyber attacks. But if one were to occur today, DHS and the Defense Department wouldn’t know all the details of who is in charge of what.
Patrick Tucker for DefenseOne℠ (Right-side navigation page SSI insertion)